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Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need to Know

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world has become obsessed with longer, fuller eyelashes.

The beauty and cosmetics products industry has recently seen a boost in lengthening mascaras, eyelash growth serums, and lash extension methods. However, the easiest of the lot remains fake lashes. These make the lashes appear as though they naturally extend to the heavens.

The Introduction of Magnetic Lashes

The need for lashes first appeared in ancient Rome, but it wasn’t until 1899 that women attempted to stick human hair to their eyelashes or implant them through needles. Fast forward to 123 years later, the innovation of magnetic lashes has made the lash application process fuss-free. These are reusable and pocket-friendly lashes that eliminate the use of glue, which can injure the eyelash follicles.

How Magnetic Lashes Work

Unlike other falsies that use adhesive glue, magnetic lashes adhere to the natural lash line with tiny magnets that latch onto each other. These virtually invisible magnets secure the lash using three or four magnets along the natural lash line. This is highly recommended for those who experience allergies in or around the eye caused by eyelash glue.

The idea is to sandwich the wearer’s natural lashes between two strips held together by magnetic force. With a little practice, you should be able to master the art of putting on magnetic lashes.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

First and foremost, you’re going to want to trim the lashes as per the length of your lash line for them to fit naturally. Next, apply mascara to give your lashes more grip. Theron, you can lay the top of the magnetic lash on the top and bottom of your lash line and watch the magnets lock themselves into place. You can use your fingers to apply the lashes in most cases, but some falsies are easier to apply using the enclosed tweezer-like applicator.

Although relatively simple, the application process for each product may vary slightly, which is why it’s best to follow the instructions stated on the package.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

There’s no pulling or tugging of the eyelids with magnetic lashes! The magnetic lashes can easily be removed by gently lifting the top and both lashes in opposite directions. Alternatively, the top and bottom magnets can even be slid off one after the other using the index finger and thumb.

Regardless of the shape of your eyes or your age, you can use the magnetic lashes from The Lady Lakes to accentuate your eye look. Shop the best beauty and cosmetics products online and get them delivered to your doorstep in the USA.

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