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Eyeliner Tips & Hacks for Beginners

Eyeliners can be worn on a full face of makeup or one that sticks to the bare minimum.

These are ideal for emphasizing the shape of the eyes and making the eyelashes appear longer and darker. Unfortunately, many times, people give up on eyeliners entirely because they take quite a bit of practice.

Here are tips and hacks to get you started:

1. Know the Different Formulas

Eyeliners come in all types of formulas, each with a unique technique for application. There’s the well-sharpened eyeliner pencil, gel eyeliners that need to be applied using the brush dipped into a pot and liquid eyeliners that are ideal for creating well-defined, dramatic lines.

2. Keep Correctors Handy

Knowing that you’re a beginner in the eyeliner kingdom, it’s best to keep cotton swabs handy that you can dip into the makeup remover and roll over the mistakes. You must do this before the eyeliner has had the chance to dry up fully.

However, if you notice the spill and smudge after the liner has dried up, you can use a dab of concealer to cover up the stain!

3. Hold It, But Not Too Tight

Do you always end up with a not-so-smooth line? An easy solution is to hold the eyelid tauter with one hand and apply the eyeliner with the other. You also want to look down when applying the eyeliner to keep your lashes from getting in the way of the masterpiece you’re creating. But be sure not to pull too tight as it may distort the shape of your liner. Moreover, the friction caused by tugging the skin may also cause damage.

4. The Recipe to Prevent Smudging

Speaking of smudging, you want to start with an eyeliner or eyeshadow primer for that smooth base for makeup application. A primer also ensures that your liner lasts much longer than usual.

After application, you want to keep your eyelids shut for nearly 30 seconds; that’s all the time a liquid needs to settle into the cracks and prevent smudges. Alternatively, you can also top off your liner with a translucent setting powder using a flat brush that locks the product in place.


When in Doubt, Wing It Out!

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